Saturday, March 21, 2009

Movie faux pas

Alright, I realize that get annoyed about a lot of things when sharing public space... For example public transportation. I tend to get annoyed easily, but I also think a lot of people lack tact. Today I went to see a movie and there was a kid with his mom who distracted me the entire movie. First of all it was a lame movie (Knowing-with Nicolas Cage) so it could have been worse, but this was just a diaster. First of all the kid didn't even speak English, second the movie was a sci-fi thriller and third I think the kid was definately ADHD. He couldn't stop talking to his mom,slurping a slupie with a spoon and eating candy loudly and or playing with some change he had in his pocket. I did ask after a few bouts of talking to "shush please" and that worked for a few minutes. Later in the movie after much discussion, his mom gave him money to go get something, the kid got lost and tried to use the emergency exit! The next fiasco was that he left his open bag of candy on the chair with my purse on it, so when I picked it up to get something his candy went flying all over the floor... It's kind of funny now, but I was wishing for an employee to shine a light on them and ask them to smarten up... alas for the good old days!

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